Brycon hilarii (Valenciennes, 1850)

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AnimaliaChordataActinopterygiiCharaciformesBryconidaeSalminusSalminus hilarii

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Full Name

Brycon hilarii (Valenciennes, 1850)

Common names

  • Camapuã por
  • Matrinchã por
  • Matrinchão por
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Taxonomic status

Homotypic synonym of Salminus hilarii Valenciennes, 1850


Salminus hilarii Valenciennes, 1850


Not marine, Freshwater


Originally found in sources as accepted taxon within Brycon Müller & Troschel, 1844

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Known issues

There are known issues with this name usage:

  • basionym relation derived

  • conflicting basionym combination

Source information

This backbone name usage is included because it was found in another checklist at the time the backbone was built. The primary source name usage (115526884) has since been removed from the portal.

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