Amnicola pumila (Brusina, 1884)

Extinct species synonym in World Register of Marine Species

AnimaliaMolluscaGastropodaLittorinimorphaHydrobiidaePseudamnicolaPseudamnicola pumila

This is a particular view of Amnicola pumila

This is Amnicola pumila (Brusina, 1884) as seen by World Register of Marine Species checklist.


Full Name

† Amnicola pumila (Brusina, 1884)

Taxonomic status

Synonym of Pseudamnicola pumila Brusina, 1884


Not terrestrial, Not marine, Freshwater


Parent relation taken from synonym Amnicola subgen. Amnicola Gould & Haldeman, 1840

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Subordinate taxa


There are no subordinate taxa for this species.
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FreshGEN team decision

Wenz, W. (1923-1930). Fossilium Catalogus I: Animalia. Gastropoda extramarina tertiaria. W. Junk, Berlin.

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