Kingdom in GBIF Backbone Taxonomy

Animalia appears in:


Continuous Plankton Recorder Dataset (SAHFOS)

Snow Entomological Museum Collection

DOF 2001-2006


Australian Museum provider for OZCAM

SEAMAP - marine mammals, birds and turtles

Point Reyes Bird Observatory - Point Counts

Finnish Winter Bird Census

SA Fauna (BDBSA)

AMNH Bird Collection

Fauna Atlas N.T.

Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre - BRERC October 2009

Inventaire National du Patrimoine Naturel : Oiseaux hivernants de France

Historical Bird Atlas

Insect (KNAM-IN)

Queensland Museum provider for OZCAM

NODC WOD01 Plankton Database

Ringing Data from the Bird Migration Research Station, University of Gdańsk

Illinois Natural History Survey Insect Collection

Bugbase, Lepidopterological Society

Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre - Other datasets

Hawk Migration Association of North America - HawkCount