Resources for GBIF Delegations

GBIF delegations to the Governing Board are directly involved in steering the network. It is critical for new delegates to have all the information they need readily available to participate effectively and represent the interests of their countries and organizations at any time, but especially around the annual meetings of the Board.

Resources of interest for biodiversity data holders are displayed in the sections below on two levels:

  • key resources, essential for a general overview of the most relevant topics for data holders and
  • additional resources, for those wanting to explore those topics in more detail.

The final section displays key documentation gaps identified for data holders that will be addressed through GBIF work programme activity.

Note: the sections below show a static view last updated the 13 August 2014. 

Key resources

New GBIF delegates need concise information about the network, both for their own understanding and for use in onward communication to others. Up to date information on the latest advances is paramount, especially those related to the countries and organizations they represent. Delegates need to be aware of the partnerships that GBIF has established, to evaluate how the network and its infrastructure complements and benefits other initiatives with which their country or organization may be involved.

  1. GBIF brochure 2012 edition, 2012
  2. This brochure is the first stop to get to know GBIF. It can also be used to promote the organization and its work among many different audiences. Essential for any new member of a Participant delegation to GBIF!
    Resource available in EnglishFrench and Spanish.
  3. Poster GBIF - meeting national information needs, 2013
    This poster summarizes some of the key benefits of joining GBIF for a country. It is perfect as an introduction for delegates, but also for those wanting to spread the word about GBIF!
    Resource available in English and French.
  4. Gbits Newsletter, 2011
    The GBIF Newsletter is a perfect way of staying connected to what is happening in the network. Get your copy sent to your inbox by subscribing in!
  5. Presentation GBIF Information update (ppt), 2014 (updated monthly)
    Don’t forget to check this slide deck for the latest update about GBIF membership and affiliations and data publishing and use trends.
  6. Governance section in, 2013
    This section of contains lots of information about GBIF as an institution that is relevant to delegates.
  7. Participant pages, 2014
    Curious about the latest figures on data publication from your country and about your national biodiversity? About the latest scientific publications from your national institutions using data accessed through GBIF? Check the Participant pages of and always get the latest information available.
  8. Newsroom, 2013
    Check the newsroom of to know what is happening in the network at any time: community consultations, opportunities, use cases and much more tagged by country, region and theme.
  9. Who Do We Work With section in, 2014
    If you want to check which organizations have formal links with GBIF, and on what terms , this is the place to look.

The resources marked with an asterisk (*) treat the subjects in depth and are thus substantially longer documents. 

Additional resources

This list includes all the reference documents that should always be included in a delegate's briefcase (or USB stick!). They are all key, detailed documents that may prove useful when discussing specific points about the involvement of the Participant in GBIF, making common plans, etc.

  1. GBIF Strategic Plan 2012-2016 - Seizing the Future, 2011
    GBIF Strategic Plans set the general objectives to be achieved in 5-year periods. Delegation members should be familiar with their content, to help their country/organization to benefit fully from GBIF and to find ways to contribute to the common objectives defined in the Plan.
    Resource available in Chinese, English, French and Japanese.
  2. GBIF Memorandum of Understanding 2012, 2011 *
    The GBIF MoU is the reference document that articulates the non-binding commitments made by a Participant when joining the network. It is good for delegates to always have a copy at hand in case of doubt about any point.
    Resource available in Chinese, English , French and Japanese.
  3. GBIF Work Programme 2014-2016, 2013 *
    Work Programmes describe the concrete implementation plans for GBIF for a given period. Delegates should always have a copy at hand to check current commitments and expected delivery dates.
  4. Suwon Declaration, 2010
    This declaration was approved by all members of GBIF in 2010, acknowledging the importance of GBIF and making a commitment for its continued funding and development.
  5. Rules of Procedure of the GBIF Governing Board, 2013 *
    This document describes the rules that apply to the work of the GBIF Governing Board. An essential reference document for any delegation member.
  6. GBIF in the biodiversity informatics landscape, 2013
    This document helps to understand the position of GBIF in relation to other global organizations that have a role in the biodiversity informatics world.
  7. GBIF Organisations Landscape, 2011 *
    This extended document explains in detail which organizations are key for the work of GBIF and how the network interacts with them. A good resource for GBIF delegates that interact with other organizations and their respective national delegations.
  8. Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook: Delivering Biodiversity Knowledge in the Information Age, 2013 *
    This document gives a good overview of the landscape of biodiversity informatics and a framework for concentrating future efforts. A reference document for delegates who want to collaborate on setting priorities nationally and globally.
  9. GBIF Review 2009 - From Prototype to Full Operation: Managing Expectations, 2009 *
    This is the latest general review of GBIF operations carried out. It is probably best checked in combination with the latest annual reports.

The resources marked with an asterisk (*) treat the subjects in depth and are thus substantially longer documents. 

Documentation gaps

The resources listed below were identified as critical documentation gaps which are relevant for GBIF delegates as part of the documentation gaps analysis mentioned at the beginning of this page. Please follow the instructions in the document if you would like to join the common effort of filling these gaps.

  1. A practical introduction for GBIF delegation members to their role
    GBIF delegations have the opportunity to actively influence its governance, constituency, objectives, etc This guide aims to give an overview of all the rights and responsibilities of a delegation member.
    This documentation is required at least in English, French and Spanish.
  2. Introduction to regional engagement for GBIF Nodes and delegates
    Several areas of GBIF work have been supported through regional groups and mechanisms since 2008. This guide will help GBIF delegates and Nodes to fully participate in and benefit from these structures.
    This documentation is required at least in English, French and Spanish.
  3. Overview of all the components of the GBIF universe
    Many GBIF stakeholders could benefit from a high level overview of the different areas of influence of GBIF with their main components depicted in a schematic way. A perfect tool to explain GBIF in 3 minutes.
    This documentation is required at least in English, French and Spanish.
  4. Basic slide deck to present GBIF
    Many GBIF stakeholders see themselves in the position to present and represent GBIF in different fora. A comprehensive, updated slide deck can be of great help in those occasions.
    This documentation is required at least in English.
  5. Interpreted organization chart of GBIF
    This brief resource explains the different elements of the GBIF governance and how they interact.
    This documentation is required at least in English.
  6. How to organize participation in GBIF at the national level
    Once a country joins GBIF, its high-level representatives need to take many strategic decisions that will impact on what would be possible and not. This document should help them explore options.
    This documentation is required at least in English.
  7. Brief summary of all GBIF partnerships and their nature
    GBIF is involved in many partnerships and it can be difficult to follow which areas of collaboration are included in each partnership. There should be a single place where this information can be found.
    This documentation is required at least in English.
  8. Summary of uses of GBIF and GBIF-mediated data in policy
    This document should summarize generic ways of using GBIF to address policy issues (including use cases), without going into detail on the technical aspects of such uses.
    This documentation is required at least in English.