Finding useful resources

SALVIAS TaxonScrubber

A stand alone tool for correction and standardization of spelling of species names, and for detecting and flagging standard and non-standard species names.

Taxonomic reference databases available in ...

January 1st, 2006


Bioclim are a series of global climate layers, that have been designed to better support biological studies....

January 1st, 2006

Presentation: Principles of Data Quality

This colorful, brief presentation by Dr. Chapman serves as a good review of the key principles of retaining ‘quality’ in the process of transforming data to information....

December 1st, 2005


BioMaps is a gateway to Australian biodiversity data held by Natural History Institutions. Through this site you can search biodiversity databases and compile maps showing the locations of collected a...

September 1st, 2005


A guide to principles and methods of data cleaning for primary species and species-occurence data by Arthur D. Chapman in Traditional Chinese....

July 1st, 2005