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Presentation: Promoting Data Use I, Introduction


Anne-Sophie Archambeau from GBIF France presented an overview about potential biodiversity data use cases during the global training event for GBIF Nodes associated to the 20th meeting of the GBIF Governing Board. The full curriculum for the course is available at

Archambeau, A.S.
GBIF Secretariat, Monday, Sep 30, 2013
In the use of biodiversity data is where the efforts of all the people working to make the data available digitally bears fruit. In this presentation we will make a general review of the most frequent scenarios of data use, with two objectives: to help GBIF Node managers to promote them, but also to help them build their own arguments, strategies and plans.
Presentation partly based on Arthur Chapman’s publication: « Uses of primary species-occurence data » published by GBIF.
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Archambeau, A.S.
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