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GBits Newsletter no. 37


November 2013


GBIF Secretariat


GBIF Secretariat, Friday, December 27, 2013


CONTENTS: New GBIF portal attracts over 150k visitors; GBIF to target data quality and fitness for use in 2014; New Governing Board Chair elected; 2013 GBIF Science Symposium held; Training and meeting aim to build stronger nodes; CBD highlights GBIF role in meeting biodiversity targets; IPBES agrees assessments, data task force; Collaboration aims at new journal option for biodiversity data publishers; Report of Vocabulary Management task group now available; New data from the Antarctic, France, Spain, Norway, Colombia; UK wildlife mapping system gets an upgrade; Ireland’s GBIF node launches 5-year strategic plan; resentations from Taipei open data conference available; Georeferencing learning content now online; GBIF Secretariat seeks a Science Writer; Upcoming events

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GBIF (2013). GBits Newsletter no. 37. 6 pp. Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

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