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GBIF eLearning Task Group report


Final report by the task group on Electronic Learning that worked during 2010 to provide recommendations on how GBIF should face the challenge of electronic learning. It includes the results and analysis of the ‘Survey about Training and eLearning to GBIF Nodes’, carried out in summer 2010.


Balde, O., Encinas Escribano, M., González-Talaván, A., Martens, M.J.M., Norton, G.A. & Talukdar, G.H.


GBIF Secretariat, Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Target audience

Members of the GBIF delegations and GBIF node staff


The GBIF 3rd Year Review included a clear statement on the future of training in GBIF: 'Other recommendations for training are to develop distance learning training approaches, and to identify organisations with similar goals with which GBIF can plan and run training activities together'. In line with this recommendation, the GBIF Secretariat would like to reinforce GBIF's distant learning capacity with a new electronic learning (eLearning) facility called the GBIF Virtual Classroom. The creation of this Task Group on eLearning is related to that and seeks the involvement of the GBIF Community. The activities of the Task Group started officially on the 26th of February, 2010. Maurice Martens, from The Netherlands, was nominated as the Chair of the Task Group on the 16th of March. The components of the Task Group (from now on TG) are: • Balde, Oumar - nominated by SINEPAD • Encinas, Maria - nominated by Spain • Martens , Maurice - nominated by the Netherlands • Norton, Geoffrey - nominated by Australia • Talukdar, Gautam - nominated by India

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GBIF (2010). Final Report from the GBIF Task Group on Electronic Learning, version 1.0 (contributed by Balde, O., Encinas Escribano, M., González-Talaván, A., Martens, M.J.M., Norton, G.A. & Talukdar, G.H.), Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility, 62 pp, accessible online at


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