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GBits Newsletter no. 30


September 2012


GBIF Secretariat


GBIF Secretariat, Friday, September 14, 2012

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GBIF Stakeholders


CONTENTS: GBIF Finland demonstrates ‘assembly line’ for digitization; New guide for developing marine species checklists; Naming of animal species moves into the digital age; Fourth GBits Science Supplement published; Digital catalogue of New Zealand’s biodiversity launched; Atlas of Living Australia develops tests to detect suspect records and duplicates; Ireland’s biodiversity data centre appeals for insect records; ‘New deal’ needed for world’s plants - outgoing Kew director; National regional training on biodiversity informatics in Argentina, Africa and Asia; NEW DATA for Finland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States and Canada; Upcoming events.

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GBIF (2012). GBits Newsletter no. 30. 5 pp. Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility.


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