Review of GBIF capacity enhancement activities

This review identifies the lessons learned from two past support mechanisms administered by the GBIF Secretariat: the mentoring programme and the regional training support programme.

Summary findings include:

  • Through these programmes, GBIF invested € 324,341 of core funding in 34 projects from 2004-2013 involving partners from all six GBIF regions
  • This funding enabled Participants to leverage substantial additional support for their activities, with the estimates of project co-funding being on average slightly higher than the project funds received
  • Collectively, the projects reported the organization of 40 workshops attended by a total of 1,124 participants, contributing to developing, adapting and translating training material made available for reuse by the GBIF community
  • These activities were able to engage an even larger community by adopting the approach of encouraging those who participated in training workshops to carry out further trainings or seminars on return to their institutions
  • In addition to these training workshops, 20 specific exchange and support visits were organized between the teams of the Participant nodes during mentoring projects to gain exposure to how GBIF activities are implemented in other contexts, and to work closely together on solving issues important to their development
  • Projects in at least eight countries contributed to the formal establishment and growth of Participant nodes and national biodiversity information facilities
  • At least six GBIF Participants published data for the first time during their mentoring projects, and in total 551,975 data records were reported to have been published during the mentoring projects, with most of these coming from new data publishers
  • Mentoring also assisted ten Participant countries in the development of prototype or new data portals, leading to lasting technical collaborations in several cases

GBIF Secretariat (2015) Review of GBIF capacity enhancement activities. 24 pp. Copenhagen: GBIF Secretariat.


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