openModeller is a fundamental niche modelling library, providing a uniform method for modelling distribution patterns using a variety of modelling algorithms.


The OpenModeller project aims to provide a flexible, user friendly, cross-platform environment where the entire process of conducting a fundamental niche modeling experiment can be carried out. The software includes facilities for reading species occurrence and environmental data, selection of environmental layers on which the model should be based, creating a fundamental niche model and projecting the model into an environmental scenario. A number of fundamental niche modeling algorithms are provided as plug-ins, including GARP, Climate Space Model, Bioclimatic Envelopes, and others.


Mauro E. S. Muñoz et al.


Renato De Giovanni, Tim Sutton, Ricardo Scachetti Pereira, Kevin Ruland, Jens Oberender, Tom Elwertowski, Peter Brewer, Alexandre Copertino Jardim, Danilo J. S. Bellini, Albert Massayuki Kuniyoshi, Marinez F. Siqueira, Cheng-Tao Lin, Missae Yamamoto, Fabrício Rodrigues, Elisângela Silva da Cunha Rodrigues, Alex Oshika Avilla, Silvio Luiz Stanzani, Pedro Victor Losada Cavalcante, Chris Yesson


Centro de Referência em Informação Ambiental (CRIA), Escola Politécnica da USP (Poli), and Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE), Brazil.