Press notice: Key messages and background information on the GBIF Portal launch and Science Symposium 2013

This press notice provides detailed information about the launch of the new GBIF data portal and the Science Symposium 2013. It includes a comparison between the current portal and the new one, and background information about GBIF, the GBIF-mediated data and the current use of those data.


Using ‘big data’ to help conserve life on Earth: Launch of overhauled portal from Global Biodiversity Information Facility; Science Symposium to showcase use of data in tackling conservation, climate responses.
A meeting in Berlin next month witnesses the unveiling of a new tool making it much easier for researchers and policy makers to discover and use vast quantities of data about the diversity of life on Earth.
The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) will use the 20th meeting of its Governing Board to launch a new version of its global web portal, providing greatly enhanced access to the world’s largest database of documented evidence for the distribution of species across the planet.
The meeting will also demonstrate how researchers in many countries have used the data mobilized through GBIF’s network of data publishers and Participants to tackle questions critical to reducing the loss of biodiversity and the services it provides to people.


Steiner, G. & Aipanjiguly, S.


GBIF Secretariat


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