NPT Startup Review: Summary Report

This report summarizes the responses from GBIF Participants to the Nodes Portal Toolkit Startup review. This review intended to learn if the version of NPT Startup released in mid-2013 could meet the needs of its target groups.


A review of the first version of the Nodes Portal Toolkit (NPT) Startup was conducted
from 9 April to 20 May 2013 amongst all GBIF Node Managers and Nodes staff. The first
version of the NPT Startup is a basic website combined with biodiversity information
coming from the GBIF Data Portal and from the Encyclopedia of Life. Over the course of
2012 the GBIF Secretariat developed the core modules in Drupal for the first version of the
NPT Startup.
The NPT Startup is intended to enable countries with limited or no web
presence to start a first national biodiversity information site showing GBIF mediated data
relevant for the country. As the NPT Startup is developed in Drupal, it could also provide a
basis for joint developments in Drupal by GBIF Participant Nodes.
With the review, the Secretariat intended to learn more about the extent to which the
NPT Startup in its current form can meet the needs of its target groups, identified as: [1] Nodes that are interested in using the NPT Startup, [2] Nodes that wish to serve as an adviser to others in setting up their NPT Startup, and [3] Nodes that would like to plan development around the NPT Startup and Drupal.
The material accompanying the review will provide additional background information,
and can be found in annex 1.
The review will aid in the further deployment and development of the NPT Startup by
GBIF Participants.


GBIF (2013). NPT Startup Review: Summary report, version 1.0, released on 26 July 2013, (edited by Bánki, O. S., Ko, B. C.-J.), Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility,15 pp. Available online at:




GBIF Community. Document edited by Bánki, O. S., Ko, B. C.-J.


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