GBits newsletter no. 29

August 2012


CONTENTS: Conference targets priorities for biodiversity ‘intelligence’; New GBIF reference guide for verifying zoological names; OpenUp! project halfway to heritage access target; New data from Ghana, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and United States; Regional nodes meetings; Three GBIF mentoring projects selected for funding in 2012; Translations available for key documents; South African citizen science portal launched at forum; Canadensys explorer launched; Public invited to contribute to atlas of Irish mammals; GBIF showcased at public science event in Germany; Task group to develop standard for species descriptions; New tool for analysing datasets published through GBIF; Darwin Core Archives now just a click away with BioCASe 3.2; i4Life call for Pilot Projects – building content for the Catalogue of Life; Upcoming events.


GBIF (2012). GBits Newsletter no. 29. 7 pp. Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility.




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