GBits newsletter no. 28

May 2012


CONTENTS: GBIF science awards target novel research on climate, ecology and evolution; New global science-policy platform established; CBD Executive Secretary calls for urgent improvement in biodiversity monitoring; Second GBits Science Supplement published; GBIF Annual Report 2011 now available; Guide on managing biodiversity data from local government; GBIF guide for citing biodiversity data; GBIF data index jumps 13% in April-May; NEW DATA; NEW PUBLISHERS; Globally-hosted data integrated into Australian national portal; New data portal on Belgian flora; Repository for Antarctic genomic data under development; First ever Costa Rican BioBlitz organized; Portal on Chilean biodiversity created; Inventory of Ireland’s biodiversity launched; EOL reaches one million species pages milestone; New project manager at OBIS; Map of Life launches demo site; Phone app for wildlife sightings uses GBIF-mediated data; New training videos available; Tanzanian capacity building project comes to a close; Call for proposals for digitization projects; 2012 Biodiversity Information Management Forum; Rio+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development; GBIC 2012, Global Biodiversity Informatics Conference.


GBIF (2012). GBits Newsletter no. 28. 8 pp. Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility.


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GBIF Secretariat


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