Recommended practices for citation of data published through the GBIF network

This guide provides recommendations on how to cite biodiversity data published through the GBIF network.


The GBIF Data Publishing Framework Task Group established in 2009, recommended that
GBIF institutionalize a ‘data citation mechanism’ and establish a ‘data citation service’
facilitating deep data citation, and registration and resolving of citations (Moritz,

As an early uptake of this recommendation, GBIF in consultation with a group of experts
has come up with recommended practices for citing biodiversity data. This document
recommends a set of styles for (a) Publisher-based citations, and (b) Query-based
citations. The recommended sets of styles for publisher-based citations are for
immediate uptake by data publishers, data owners, data custodians, and data


GBIF (2012). Recommended practices for citation of the data published through the GBIF Network. Version 1.0 (Authored by Vishwas Chavan), Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Pp.12, ISBN: 87-92020-36-4. Accessible at


Chavan, V.


GBIF Secretariat


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