GBits Newsletter no. 25

November 2011


CONTENTS: Use of GBIF helps clarify environment-species links; Data publishing in Pensoft journals integrated with the Dryad Data Repository; GBIF-enabled data used to study potential spread of bullfrog in S. America; Data accessed through GBIF used to model spread of coffee pest in East Africa; Training course on biodiversity data publishing; New Executive Secretary announced; Danish scientist awarded €30,000 Ebbe Nielsen Prize; GBIF Data Portal upgrades now live; International collaboration for sharing of biodiversity data; Australia’s Volunteer Portal is open for business; GBIF training manual available in French; Welcome box for Nodes launched; New publishers; Other datasets; Courses on biodiversity data and information
management in East Africa; Biodiversity data analysis and use workshop by GBIF France; Training course on persistent identifiers; VertNet biodiversity informatics training workshop.


GBIF (2011). GBits Newsletter no. 25. 5 pp. Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility.


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GBIF Secretariat


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