GBits Newsletter no. 24

September 2011


CONTENTS: GBIF data network helps map medicinal plants in Australia; Launch of new open access journal on invasive alien species; New Biodiversity Hub aims to integrate open access research, primary data and other species information; New GBIF Data Portal developments available for testing; Book on Tanzania species checklist to be launched soon; DanBIF website hosts information on over 31,000 Danish species; First meeting of GBIF Germany’s IT commission; New Zealand Virtual Herbarium launched; EOL version 2 launched, incorporating updated GBIF species occurrence maps; Regional meeting of GBIF African nodes; Symposium on biodiversity informatics held in Bogotá; New initiative to provide free access to Albertine Rift biodiversity data via web portal; New publishers from Belgium, Benin and Guinea; Other datasets of squirrels from Scotland and from Japan’s prefectural museums; White House science advisers call for new ecoinformatics body and strengthened links with GBIF; US$ 10 million grant from NSF to coordinate digitization of biodiversity collections in 45 US states; Strategy for English biodiversity to 2020 launched; Training course on biodiversity data publishing and fitness for use in the GBIF Network; GBIF Science Symposium 2011 ;Biodiversity data and information management ;principles course by ARCOS; Biodiversity data analysis and use workshop by GBIF France; Training course on persistent identifiers


GBIF (2011). GBits Newsletter no. 24. 6 pp. Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility.


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GBIF Secretariat


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