GBIF Metadata Profile, How-to guide

This document is a how-to guide for creating a metadata document that conforms to the
GBIF Metadata Profile.


Documenting the provenance and scope of datasets is required in order to publish data
through the GBIF network. Dataset documentation is referred to as ‘resource metadata’
that enable users to evaluate the fitness-for-use of a dataset. This guide provides recommended practices and instruction on publishing metadata.


GBIF (2011). GBIF Metadata Profile – How-to Guide, (contributed by Ó Tuama, Eamonn, Braak, K. Remsen, D.), Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility, 11 pp, accessible online at gbif_metadata_profile_how-to_en_v1/


Ó Tuama, Eamonn, Braak, K. Remsen, D.


GBIF Secretariat


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