Getting Started, Overview of data publishing in the GBIF Network

This document serves as a introduction to publishing biodiversity data through the GBIF network.


This document provides an overview of biodiversity data publishing through the GBIF network. The word, “publish”, in this sense, refers to making biodiversity datasets publicly accessible, in a standardised form, via an access point, typically a web address (a URL). This access point is recorded in the GBIF central services, which serves to make the dataset locations globally discoverable. This document presents the overall scope of data types published through the network and serves as a map to a complete suite of publication-related documents.


GBIF Secretariat (2015). Getting Started: An overview of data publishing in the GBIF network, version 1.1. Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility, 17 pp. ISBN: 87-92020-28-3 (for version 1.0).


Remsen D, Ko B, Chavan V & Raymond M.


González-Talaván, A.


GBIF Secretariat


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