Darwin Core Quick Reference Guide

A printable reference guide to the ratified Darwin Core terms found at


The Darwin Core is body of standards that includes a glossary of terms. The Darwin Core is primarily based on taxa, their occurrence in nature as documented by observations, specimens, and samples, and related information. The terms are organized by categories in this printed guide.


GBIF (2010). Darwin Core Quick Reference Guide, version 1.3,
released on 9 March 2012, (contributed by Wieczorek , J., De Giovanni , R., Vieglais , D.Remsen D.P., Döring, M, Robertson, T.), Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility, 41 pp,.


Wieczorek , J., De Giovanni , R., Vieglais , D. Remsen D.P., Döring, M, Robertson, T


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