Oceanographic Center of Gijon, Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO)

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Oceanographic Center of Gijon, Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO)


The Instituto Español de Oceanografía (Spanish Institute of Oceanography ), IEO, is a public research organization, with a variety of activities.

• Conducting oceanographic research.
• Advising the Spanish government on its oceanographic and fishing policies.
• Representing Spain in international oceanography and fishing organizations.
• Promoting co-operation in marine research at the regional, national and international levels.
• Training oceanographers and disseminating oceanographic knowledgde.

The IEO researches into the marine resources in general, problems related to oceanography and the contamination of the sea environment and its products. By doing this, the Institute tries to orient its research in such a way that the results may serve as support to the advisers and offer concrete answers to the Public Administration with reference to the sea, the rational use and protection of it. Due to the fact that it is a State Institution, the IEO represents the Spanish Government before international oceanographic organizations and commissions.

Administrative contact
Dr. Javier Cristobo
Technical contact
Dr. Pilar Ríos


Oceanographic Center of Gijon, Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) Av. Principe de Asturias 70 bis 33212 Gijón Asturias Spain +34 985 309780



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