CeDoc of Plant Biodiversity (CeDocBIV), Univ. Barcelona

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CeDoc of Plant Biodiversity (CeDocBIV), Univ. Barcelona


The BCN Herbarium was created in 2001 by menas of the merger of the BCF and BCC old herbariums. It is integrated by more than 300,000 sheets of plants basically from the Iberian Peninsula and other areas of the Mediterranean region. The main groups represented are: cormophytes (250,000 sheets), lichens (22,000 specimens), fungi (20,000 specimens), seweeds (5,000 sheets) and bryiophytes (3,000 sheets). Strength: 1- Geobotany and Cartography of the vegetation, 2- Cryptogamy, 3- Vegetal Biodiversity and Biosystematic, 4- Aquatic vegetal resources.

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Roser Guardia Rubies
+34 93 403 70 19


CeDoc of Plant Biodiversity (CeDocBIV), Univ. Barcelona Parc Científic de Barcelona - UB 08028 Barcelona Spain +34-934037019

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