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Museum TwentseWelle


Museum the TwentseWelle is one of the major museums in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. The museum hosts the collections of the former Van Deinse Institute, Natural History Museum Enschede and Museum Jannink. The TwentseWelle tells and exhibits the cultural and natural history of this part of the Netherlands in a unique and modern way. The natural history collection contains plants, insects and mammals and a considerable and important collection of fossils from the nearby (Mesozoic) quarries around Winterswijk.

Administrative contact
Astrid Hage
Collection Management
Het Rozendaal 11 Enschede Netherlands +31(0)53-4807683
Technical contact
Henk Wim Dorssen, van
Het Rozendaal 11 Enschede Netherlands +31(0)53-4807680


Museum TwentseWelle Het Rozendaal 11 NL-7523 XG Enschede Netherlands +31(0)53-4807680


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