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Emporia State University


The Department of Biological Sciences at Emporia State University maintains the Schmidt Museum of Natural History with both mounted specimens and prepared study skins of birds and mammals for use in such related courses as mammalogy, ornithology, and wildlife management and the ESU Herbarium with mounted specimens for use in such courses at plant taxonomy, trees and shrubs, and grasses.

Administrative contact
Jean Schulenberg
Curator, University Herbarium
+01 620 341 5896
Technical contact
Laura Russell
VertNet Programmer
+01 785 813-1496


Emporia State University Department of Biological Sciences, Emporia State University 1200 Commercial KS 66801 Emporia United States



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U.S. Geological Survey

Other Contacts

Administrative contact
R. Brent Thomas
Chairman of Biological Sciences
+01 620 341 5608
Technical contact
John Wieczorek
Information Architect
+01 510 642 5409
Technical contact
David Bloom
VertNet Coordinator
+01 510 643 1620

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