Swedish Museum of Natural History

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Swedish Museum of Natural History

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Mickaël Graf
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Anders Telenius
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Swedish Museum of Natural History Sweden

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GBIF Sweden

Georeferenced data


The map shows georeferenced data for all datasets published. 80% of all data is georeferenced.

Published datasets

  • DINA Occurrence dataset. Updated Dec 20, 2014. 236,042 records (108,622 georeferenced)
  • NRM-Fishes Occurrence dataset. Updated Nov 26, 2013. 51,499 records (35,713 georeferenced)
  • Porpoises (NRM) Occurrence dataset. Updated Jan 9, 2014. 376 records (358 georeferenced)
  • NRM-Mammals Occurrence dataset. Updated Jan 8, 2014. 24,341 records (12,560 georeferenced)