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Costa Rica Bird Observatories


Institute of Biodiversity (INBio), US Forest Service, Klamath Bird Observatory, and many other collaborators, both private and public. The Observatories’ primary objective includes the promotion of bird conservation and education in Costa Rica through scientific monitoring. Humans and birds depend on intact ecosystems for food resources, shelter and other broad environmental processes such as carbon sequestration and atmospheric regulation. Human enterprise routinely degrades ecosystems causing the global decline of many bird populations. To manage and conserve bird species in peril we must identify factors preventing population-level recovery, thereby moving beyond estimates of mere population size to demographics and to the underlying causes of population changes.

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Pablo Elizondo
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Manuel Vargas


Costa Rica Bird Observatories Costa Rica


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Costa Rica Biodiversity Facility

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  • Bird Monitoring Data Occurrence dataset. Updated Aug 18, 2016. 27,290 records (27,061 georeferenced)