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Waarneming.nl is a citizen science organisation collecting plant, animal and other nature observations in The Netherlands. The aim of Waarneming.nl is to provide an updated insight into Dutch biodiversity. For this purpose "waarnemingen", the Dutch word for observations, are collected from thousands of amateur and professional nature lovers. The observations mainly concern birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, butterflies (butterflies are a separate category), dragonflies, other arthropods, fish, molluscs, fungi, mosses / lichens and other plants. Observational records can be enhanced with pictures and / or sounds that are linked to the primary observations. Data quality is based on a system of taxonomic experts and a forum to discuss identification issues. A network of admins and coordinators provides the network with a steady, dynamic data-flow. Most of the observations presented on the website of Waarneming.nl are open to the public. In order to prevent poaching or damage to rare species, detailed location information is sometimes obscured or observations are placed under embargo. Waarneming.nl started in 2005 as the work of a small group of volunteers but has grown into a very successful organisation generating millions of species observations each year. There are many cooperative structures in place with other Dutch data organisations such as Sovon and the Dutch National database on Flora and Fauna (NDFF). Local groups use the platform for their own purpose but also at the international level the straightforward set-up of Waarneming.nl is being appreciated and there are many international versions of the original site (e.g. Waarnemingen.be). The common international version of Waarneming.nl operates under the name of Observation.org.

Technical contact
Hisko de Vries
Netherlands +31-613448663
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Hisko de Vries
Netherlands +31-613448663


Waarneming.nl PO Box 41139 9701CC Groningen Groningen Netherlands



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Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility

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