This programme aims to address specific capacity needs identified by Participants by facilitating capacity transfer and collaboration at the regional and global levels.

The annual calls for proposals under this programme provide co-funding to GBIF Participants for capacity enhancement projects based on combinations of the following types of action:

  1. Mentoring activities: Interactions among two or more Participants where the core objective is the transfer of information, technology, experience and best practices in small groups.

  2. Support for regional events: Courses and workshops with a regional (multi-national) component.

  3. GBIF advocacy actions: Active participation in strategic events to promote GBIF.

  4. Documentation: Production of key learning and promotional resources or their adaptation to the national or regional context (e.g. by translation or including local/regional point of view).

  5. Needs Assessment: Self-assessment of capacity at the Participant level through strategic discussion between members of the Participant’s GBIF delegation, node team and other relevant stakeholders.


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