Mobilizing data on freshwater snails in Kenya


Lake Naivasha, Kenya. Photo by undeklinable via Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 2.0

This projectwill  digitize and publish around 30,000 data records of freshwater snails from existing voucher collections of the National Museums of Kenya and other research institutions. Snail data from literature will also be retrieved and published through Records will be mobilized from checklists, specimen and ecological datasets.

Published data will be used to map species distributions and priority areas for the conservation of endemic and threatened snails, and will contribute to developing national conservation priorities.

Project Progress

The project is mining data from the collections of National Museums of Kenya, various literature sources and collections owned by other institutions.

So far, data mining has yielded 38,286 specimens from 26 freshwater snail species. 70% of these data were already entered in an electronic database.