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Building workflows with Taverna workbench by BioVeL


The training event will introduce participants to the BioVeL project, and teach the attendees how to (1) run workflows via the BioVeL portal, (2) develop workflows using the Taverna workbench, (3) register and discover services in the biodiversity catalogue and (4) share workflows via myExperiment.

Number of participants and target audience

10-15 people. The target community is developers and data scientists working in all areas of biodiversity research, for example taxonomy, ecology, environmental sciences, genetics, population genetics, species distribution and population modelling, bioinformatics, phylogenetics, or the like. A pre-requisite for the course will be some level of exposure to computer programming, for example developing in R.

Contact information

Deadline for applications is 1 November 2013. Please contact BioVeL (support AT if you want more information on this event.


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5-6 December 2013


School of Computer Science, Kilburn Building, The University of Manchester. , Manchester , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland