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2012 Asia-Pacific workshop on sharing biodiversity information and the Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT2)

Asia-Pacific regional node managers and biodiversity scientists were invited to attend this workshop that covered the installation of the GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit v. 2 (IPT2), its management and user interface customization, as well as data publishing to GBIF. The trend of data sharing and benefits of submitting data papers was also emphasized to encourage attendees to disseminate the knowledge of IPT2 setup and to help publish biodiversity data to the GBIF portal in their own countries.
13 people from 9 countries/organisations: ACB, BioNET-ASEANET, ICIMOD (2 people), India (2 people), Indonesia, Japan (2 people), Korea, Republic of, Pakistan (2 people) and Philippines.
GBIF Asia-Pacific node managers and biodiversity research scientists.
Please contact TaiBIF (Kwang-Tsao Shao, zoskt AT gate.sinica.edu.tw) if you have any questions about this event.
  • Azeem, Ubaidullah(Participant)
  • Chan, Hong Twu(Participant)
  • Chen, Chien-Wen(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Chen, Lee-Sea(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Hosoya, Tsuyoshi(Participant)
  • Ismail, Muhammad(Participant)
  • Jaiswal, Suman(Participant)
  • Jin-Seop, Shin(Participant)
  • Lai, Kun-Chi(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Lal, Panna(Participant)
  • Li, Hsiang-Ying(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Lin, Chau-Chin(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Mai, Guan-Shuo(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Normakristagaluh, Pesigrihastamadya(Participant)
  • Osawa, Takeshi(Participant)
  • Porter, John(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Rañada, Rea Anne(Participant)
  • Shakya, Bandana(Participant)
  • Shao, Kwang-Tsao(Main contact)
  • Tagtag, Sarah Jane(Participant)
  • Talukdar, Gautam(Participant)
  • Wang, Yu-Huang(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Yang , Alan(Speaker / Trainer)
25-27 June 2012
Venue Country 
Chinese Taipei