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GBIF GB14 Nodes Committee Meeting: Training Component

During this meeting of the GBIF NODES Committee, the discussions were centred on how the different countries could benefit from the infrastructure in place, highlighting the role of the GBIF Biodiversity Data Portal. Other relevant topics discussed were the role of the thematic networks in GBIF, sensitive data issues and expertise sharing among GBIF Nodes. A technical training session was run in parallel.
47 people from 40 countries/organisations: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, BioNet-EASIANET, BioNET-INTERNATIONAL, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica (2 people), Denmark (2 people), Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Finland, France (2 people), Germany, Ghana, Guinea, IABIN, ICIPE, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Madagascar, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, NORDGEN, OBIS, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland (2 people), Portugal, Spain, Species 2000 (2 people), Sweden (2 people), Switzerland (2 people), Tanzania, United Republic of, TDWG and United Kingdom.
GBIF Participant Node Managers
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  • Addink, Wouter(Participant)
  • Baillargeon, Guy(Participant)
  • Bello, Juan Carlos(Main organiser)
  • Beltran, Javier(Participant)
  • Berendsohn, Walter(Participant)
  • Blum, Stan(Participant)
  • Calabuig, Isabel(Participant)
  • Carausu, Mihail(Participant)
  • Carroll, Bonnie C.(Participant)
  • Chenin, Eric(Participant)
  • Cocal, Diosmedado(Participant)
  • Cooper, Jerry(Participant)
  • Croft, Jim(Participant)
  • Doumbouya, Saïdou(Participant)
  • Endresen, Dag Terje Filip(Participant)
  • Franco Villegas, Ximena(Participant)
  • Gideon, Hulda(Participant)
  • Gonseth, Yves(Participant)
  • Haas, Fabian(Participant)
  • Heughebaert, André(Participant)
  • Huang, Da-Wei(Participant)
  • Ito, Motomi(Participant)
  • Jimenez Rosenberg, Raul(Participant)
  • Kozakiewicz, Michal(Participant)
  • Kull, Tiiu(Participant)
  • Kullander, Sven O.(Participant)
  • Lima, Nelson(Participant)
  • Maad, Johanne(Participant)
  • Mahmood, Khalid(Participant)
  • Miyakawa, Victor(Participant)
  • Mora, Maria Auxiliadora(Participant)
  • Nguema Oyana, José(Participant)
  • Nouak, Andrea H.(Participant)
  • Ouboter, Paul(Observer)
  • Owusu-Afriye, George(Participant)
  • Pando, Francisco(Participant)
  • Park, Hyung Seon (Howard)(Participant)
  • Ranaivo, Jaona(Participant)
  • Robertson, Don(Participant)
  • Saarenmaa, Hannu(Participant)
  • Smith, Richard D.(Participant)
  • Tschudin, Pascal(Participant)
  • Tykarski, Piotr(Participant)
  • Uzunov, Yordan(Participant)
  • Vargas, Manuel(Participant)
  • Vignes-Lebbe , Régine(Participant)
  • Way, Lawrence(Participant)
  • White, Richard(Participant)
  • Wilson, Karen(Participant)
  • Yangakola , Jean-Michel(Observer)
14-15 October 2007
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