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I3B Workshop: Foundations, evaluation and future of the species distribution models

This workshop is organised by the I3B network (Iberoamerican Infrastructure for Biodiversity Information) with the general objective of offering an overview of the model applications and limits, and of the recent developments in the field.
The specific objectives of the event include (i) to facilitate basic understanding of key concepts in species modelling, (ii) to discuss the limits of the current research in the field and (iii) to strengthen the capacity of the participants from Latin American countries.
20 people. The workshop is only open to participants coming from Iberoamerican countries. It is addressed to postgraduate students and young researchers in biogeography or conservation biology, and experts with responsibilities in the area of biodiversity conservation or land management. Participants will need to show their capacity to disseminate the knowledge acquired back in their national context.
If you want more information about this event, please contact the organizers at info AT gbif.es or i3b AT gbif.es.
  • González Salazar, Constantino (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Koleff Osorio, Patricia (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Lira Noriega, Andrés (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Lobo, Jorge Miguel (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Martínez Meyer, Enrique (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Pando, Francisco (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Tobón Niedfeldt, Wolke (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Urquiza Haas, Tania (Speaker / Trainer)
2-6 June 2014
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