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2013 12th GBIF Global Nodes Meeting

The 12th GBIF GLOBAL NODES MEETING focused on updates on the GBIF work program and the regionalization progress. It included a Q&A session between the GBIF Secretariat and the Nodes. For the first time 5 Break-out sessions were introduced, focusing on the following topics: BG1: experiences of Nodes on tools and processes around data quality BG2: NPT Startup: current status, planned developments, user requirements BG3: Nodes portals: experiences from Nodes in the reusability of existing portal developments BG5: Towards a generic development plan for Nodes BG6: Collaborative communication platform
66 people from 14 countries/organisations: ACB, Belgium (2 people), Brazil (2 people), CAS, Chinese Taipei, EWT, France (2 people), Germany (7 people), Indonesia (2 people), Kenya, Norway (2 people), SCAR, South Africa and Sweden.
  • Addink, Wouter (Node manager)
  • Akampurira, Innocent (Node manager)
  • Archambeau, Anne-Sophie (Node manager)
  • Baba Ainina, Moulaye Mohamed (Node manager)
  • Bánki, Olaf (Collaborator)
  • Berendsohn, Walter (Node manager)
  • Brosens, Dimitri (Participant)
  • Calabuig, Isabel (Node manager)
  • Cocal, Diosmedado (Node manager)
  • Döring, Markus (Collaborator)
  • Doumbouya, Saïdou (Node manager)
  • Elloran, Christian (Participant)
  • Endresen, Dag Terje Filip (Node manager)
  • Figueira, Rui (Node manager)
  • Ganglo, Jean Cossi (Node manager)
  • Gashakamba, Faustin (Node manager)
  • Gideon, Hulda (Node manager)
  • Gleisberg, Maren (Participant)
  • Glöckler, Falko (Participant)
  • González Talaván, Alberto (Collaborator)
  • Graf , Mickaël (Participant)
  • Hahn, Andrea (Collaborator)
  • Hanner, Robert (Node manager)
  • Heughebaert, André (Node manager)
  • Hidayat, Deden Sumirat (Participant)
  • Hobern, Donald (Collaborator)
  • Hof, Cees (Node manager)
  • Holetschek, Jörg (Participant)
  • Hosoya, Tsuyoshi (Node manager)
  • Ilia, Lina (Collaborator)
  • Ko, Burke (Collaborator)
  • Koch, Wouter (Participant)
  • Koivula, Hanna (Node manager)
  • Kroupa, Alexander (Participant)
  • Lecoq, Marie-Elise (Participant)
  • Lin, Ruey-Shing (Participant)
  • Lysaght, Liam (Node manager)
  • Ma, Keping (Participant)
  • Mário de Moura, Francisco (Participant)
  • Melzer, Roland (Participant)
  • Monda, Lawrence (Participant)
  • Noé, Nicolas (Participant)
  • Normakristagaluh, Pesigrihastamadya (Participant)
  • Pamerlon, Sophie (Participant)
  • Pando, Francisco (Node manager)
  • Park, Hyung Seon (Howard) (Node manager)
  • Parker-Allie, Fatima (Node manager)
  • Radji, Aboudou Raoufou (Node manager)
  • Ranaivo, Jaona (Node manager)
  • Ricardo Dias, Sónia (Node manager)
  • Rocha Gadelha Junior, Luiz Manoel (Node manager)
  • Roxburgh, Lizanne (Participant)
  • Schönwitz, Roswitha (Participant)
  • Steinitz, Ofer (Node manager)
  • Svindseth, Christian (Participant)
  • Talukdar, Gautam (Node manager)
  • Tavares de Lima Junior, Jurandir (Participant)
  • Telenius, Anders (Node manager)
  • Tykarski, Piotr (Node manager)
  • Van de Putte, Anton (Participant)
  • Vargas, Manuel (Node manager)
  • Vélez, Danny (Node manager)
  • Wang, Yu-Huang (Node manager)
  • Weibulat, Tanja (Participant)
  • Wilkinson, Stephen (Node manager)
  • Willoughby , Selwyn (Participant)
6-7 October 2013
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