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VII Workshop "Becoming a GBIF Data Provider": DiGIR and ABCD

Workshop on biodiversity data provision tools for the GBIF Network. It included training in two types of software: DiGIR Provider and ABCD Provider. It also included the installation of a custom DiGIR data portal.
25 people from 3 countries/organisations: BioNET-INTERNATIONAL, BioNet-SAFRINET and Tanzania, United Republic of (12 people).
GBIF Node Managers and IT technicians from institutions interested in sharing biodiversity data through the GBIF Network. This session was organised with a global scope, although the main target public was sub-Saharan Africa.
Please contact the GBIF Secretariat at gbif@gbif.org if you need more information on this past event.
  • Akingbohungbe, Amos E.(Participant)
  • Amponsah, Colins(Participant)
  • Arnold, Trevor(Participant)
  • Bezuidenhout, Ilse(Participant)
  • Brand, Kobie(Participant)
  • Burger, Marion(Participant)
  • Cocks, Martin(Participant)
  • Daka, Patrick Diemor(Observer)
  • Dike, Michael(Observer)
  • Dladla, Isaac Gcina(Observer)
  • Gemechu , Tadele(Observer)
  • Gideon, Hulda(Participant)
  • Irish, John(Observer)
  • Jonck, Hardy(Participant)
  • Kalufya, Ali Ayub(Participant)
  • Ksouris, Giorgos(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Mansell, Mervyn(Participant)
  • Mphahlele, Kgoale(Participant)
  • Oguya, Francis(Observer)
  • Pyoos, Marjorie(Chair)
  • Saarenmaa, Hannu(Chair)
  • Torres, Beatriz(Chair)
  • van Heerden, Garth(Participant)
  • Van Rooyen, Marna(Participant)
  • Xia , Yunlong(Observer)
24-26 March 2004
Venue Country 
South Africa