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GSPC Regional Training Workshop on Information Management and Biodiversity Informatics in East Africa

The aim of this training workshop was to ‘build capacity and expertise in biodiversity information management by training at least 60 key stakeholders from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania’.
70 people from 5 countries/organisations: BioNET-INTERNATIONAL, ICIPE, Kenya (22 people), Tanzania, United Republic of (13 people) and Uganda (8 people).
Practitioners from the policy and technical institutions in the region mandated with biodiversity conservation and sustainable use to share experiences, learn from case studies and be exposed to the GBIF model, as means of creating a regional caucus that can be instrumental in the establishment of national and regional policies, databases and biodiversity informatics networks.
Please contact the GBIF Secretariat at gbif@gbif.org if you need more information on this past event.
  • Agwanda, Risky(Participant)
  • Ayayo, Jonathan(Participant)
  • Chavan, Vishwas(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Chege, Paul(Participant)
  • Collins, Handa(Participant)
  • Ecuru, Julius(Participant)
  • Gideon, Hulda(Participant)
  • Haas, Fabian(Participant)
  • Kabuye, Christine(Participant)
  • Kamala, Daniel(Participant)
  • Kamau, Peris(Participant)
  • Kang’ethe, Simon(Participant)
  • Karani, Patricia(Chair)
  • Kariuki, Peris(Participant)
  • Katongole, Tony(Participant)
  • Katuura, Esther(Participant)
  • Kibola, Amina(Participant)
  • Kindeketa, William(Participant)
  • Kinuthia, Wanja(Participant)
  • Lekoiyiet, Susan(Participant)
  • Lukhoba, Catherine(Participant)
  • Mahunnah, Rogassian(Participant)
  • Malombe, Itambo(Participant)
  • Mata Montero, Erick(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Monda, Lawrence(Participant)
  • Moshi, Mainen(Participant)
  • Mtenga, Mage John(Participant)
  • Mtui, Jacob(Participant)
  • Mucunguzi, Patrick(Participant)
  • Muriuki, Jack(Participant)
  • Muthoka, Patrick(Participant)
  • Mwachala Mwandoe, Geoffrey(Participant)
  • Mwaipopo, Ritha(Participant)
  • Neduvoto, Mollel(Participant)
  • Njau, Efrem-Fred A.(Participant)
  • Njoroge, Grace(Participant)
  • Nkonoki, Erica(Participant)
  • Oguya, Francis(Participant)
  • Omulokoli, Emma(Participant)
  • Ondicho, Joyce(Participant)
  • Otieno, Donald(Participant)
  • Otieno, Joseph(Participant)
  • Otieno, Nickson(Participant)
  • Oyieke, Helida(Participant)
  • Simiyu Wafukho, Stella(Main organiser)
  • Smith, Richard D.(Participant)
  • Ssegawa, Paul(Participant)
  • Torres, Beatriz(Contact)
  • Tushabe, Herbert(Participant)
  • Wabuyele, Emily(Participant)
26-30 March 2008
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