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II GBIF Georeferencing Biodiversity Databases International Workshop

This was the second edition of the global workshop on georeferencing biodiversity databases, co-organised and co-funded by GBIF, CYTED and CONICET. This series of workshop intends to increase the fitness for use of the biodiversity data available in the GBIF Network, adding detailed geospatial information to those records that lack them.
26 people from 9 countries/organisations: BioNET-INTERNATIONAL, Colombia (2 people), Costa Rica, CYTED (5 people), IABIN, Mexico, Peru, Spain and WDCBE (12 people).
This workshop was targeted at participants who are professionally involved with geo-referencing and particularly those who will be in a position to pass the knowledge they gain at this workshop on to others. Thus, involvement of participants in georeferencing activities should be: clearly linked to his/her institutional affiliation and, part of a major (ideally) digitisation project or initiative.
Please contact the GBIF Secretariat at gbif@gbif.org if you need more information on this past event.
  • Aagesen, Lone(Participant)
  • Alvarado Quesada, Ghisselle M.(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Ayarde, Hugo(Observer)
  • Bartesaghi, María Lucía(Participant)
  • Bello, Juan Carlos(Main organiser)
  • Beltrán, Javier(Chair)
  • Bertone, Gustavo(Observer)
  • Cejas Rodriguez, Francisco(Participant)
  • Colín López, Julián Javier(Participant)
  • Constable, Heather(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Damborenea, María Cristina(Participant)
  • Estrada Chavarría, Armando(Participant)
  • Fachín Malaverry, Lizardo Manuel(Participant)
  • Gaiani , Marco(Participant)
  • Gálvez Herrera, Óscar(Participant)
  • González Aguado, Cristina(Participant)
  • Hierro, Brigido(Participant)
  • Iglesias, Gustavo(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Lovera, Claudia(Participant)
  • Maes, Jean-Michel(Observer)
  • Mazzanti, Renato(Participant)
  • Mollerach, Marcos Ismael(Participant)
  • Morales, Matías(Participant)
  • Muñiz, Pablo(Participant)
  • Naranjo Maury, Walberto(Participant)
  • Navarro, Fernando(Participant)
  • Ovejero, Ramiro(Participant)
  • Paez, Francisco(Participant)
  • Ramirez, Boris(Observer)
  • Ramirez, Martin(Participant)
  • Rodríguez Bardalez, Manuel Alfonso(Participant)
  • Rodríguez, Daniel(Support)
  • Spencer, Carol(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Sua Tunjano, Sonia(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Tablado, Alejandro(Participant)
  • Takeshi Oyakawa, Osvaldo(Participant)
  • Valderrama Rincón, Natalia María(Participant)
  • Wieczorek, John(Speaker / Trainer)
  • Yamamoto, Kristina(Speaker / Trainer)
19-23 March 2007
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