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Conserving genetic diversity of crops in West Africa


This study by a team from Benin, China and the United Kingdom aimed to draw up a list of priority plants to conserve in Benin, based on their importance as wild relatives of the crops used by local people for food, livestock fodder, medicines and other purposes.

An inventory of crop wild relatives (CWR) was compiled using a variety of sources, including records from major herbaria and gene banks worldwide, accessed online through GBIF.

Using a series of criteria to rank their importance, the study identified 20 priority crop wild relatives for active conservation.

Photo: Benin pepper (Piper guineense). Photo: IITA Image Library


Gene Resources and Crop Evolution

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Idohou, R. et al., 2012. National inventory and prioritization of crop wild relatives: case study for Benin. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution. Available at:



Plant occurrences in Benin