Living Specimen of Cyrtandra cleopatrae H.J. Atkins & Cronk recorded on Jan 22, 1998

from Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Living Plant Collections (E) dataset

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Near summit of Cleopatra Needle., Philippines

10.116667N, 118.966667E


1,550m ± 0m

Geographic Classification

Philippines >  Palawan

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Jan 22, 1998 1:00:00 AM by Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh & Philippine National Herbarium Expedition (1998)

Sampling Protocol

collected directly from the wild

Field Notes

Herb to 1.5m. Leaves glossy, deep green above, rather fleshy, paler below with reddish golden hairs particularly on veins, glabrous above. Young leaves densely golden-reddish hairy. Calyx green at base then lilac, tips of calyx lobes white with a tuft of white hairs. Corolla lilac with darker veins, pollen white, anthers mauve, style green, stigma yellowish. Immature fruit green. Moss forest.

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Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

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Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Living Plant Collections (E)

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Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Living Collection

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E /

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Living Specimen / PhysicalObject



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