GBIF lança convite à apresentação de propostas BID de África

GBIF está atualmente a lançar um convite à apresentação de propostas para financiamento da África Subsaariana para o programa Informação sobre Biodiversidade para o Desenvolvimento (BID).

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GBIF opens BID call for proposals from Africa

GBIF invites submissions of proposals for funding from sub-Saharan Africa for the Biodiversity Information for Development (BID) programme. The total potential funding assigned to this call is €900,000.

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Private sector holds key data to help preserve Gulf and West Asia ecosystems

By unlocking vital information about West Asian ecosystems, an upcoming workshop in Oman seeks to improve knowledge about the impacts of development and improve decision-making.

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Guinea becomes Voting Participant

The West African nation of Guinea has become the 39th Voting Participant in the GBIF network, having joined as an Associate Participant in March 2005.

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GBIF annual report for 2014 published

The GBIF Secretariat has published its annual report for 2014, describing progress made in meeting the goals of the 2014-2016 work programme.

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