Surveys seek input on needs and resources for biodiversity data in the Pacific Islands

GBIF has released surveys seeking input from data holders and decision makers in the Pacific Islands in support of the upcoming BID call for proposals.

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Aerial view of Kadavu Island, Fiji. Photo by Nick Hobgood.

Aerial view of Kadavu Island, Fiji. 2014 CC BY-NC Nick Hobgood https://flic.kr/p/puxsk5

Survey seeks input on crosslinking species occurrences and molecular biodiversity evidence

Experts who use or publish species occurrences and molecular biodiversity evidence can contribute to shaping more efficient links and workflows between occurrence and genomic data 

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Lab insight: Eppendorf tubes. Photo by Rajiv Shah.

Lab insight: Eppendorf tubes. CC BY-NC-SA 2009 Rajiv Shah.

First BID grants provide nearly €1 million in funding to 23 African projects

Grantees of EU-funded programme represent 34 organizations from 20 African countries

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One Tree Plain, CC BY-NC-SA 2015 Geoff Livingston

One Tree Plain, CC BY-NC-SA 2015 Geoff Livingston.

2016 GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge to focus on data gaps and biases

This year's incentive prize will build on efforts to understand, examine and address gaps and biases in open-access biodiversity data from the GBIF network.

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Details of the 2nd annual GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge are now available

The Ebbe Nielsen Challenge is an annual incentive prize held by GBIF—the Global Biodiversity Information Facility—which encourages innovation in the field of biodiversity informatics.

Call for nominations opens for 2016 Young Researchers Award

The GBIF Secretariat invites the nomination of graduate students for the 2016 Young Researchers Award, which seeks to foster innovative research and discovery that make use of GBIF-mediated data.

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Photo by Lode Van de Velde via PublicDomainPictures.net

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