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    Featured data use

    How data accessed through GBIF are being used in science and policy.

    • Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico. By Roy Luck / CC BY 2.0 Using models to inform conservation policies

      Two studies, based on data from GBIF and other sources, define the distribution of the bearded wood partridge, and help inform conservation policy.

      41 records from sources including GBIF
    • Gulf of California. NASA's Earth Observatory. CC BY 2.0 Designing marine protected areas off Mexico

      Researchers look at methods to determine the ideal spacing between protected areas in the Gulf of California, ensuring connectivity based on the distances covered by larvae of fish species identified through GBIF.

      64 regional fish species identified
    • Eastern grey squirrel. By Jed Sheehan. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Shifting niches and invasive species control

      Researchers use data available through GBIF to investigate how species can shift their ecological niches in alien environments – complicating the prediction of invasion risks.

      2997 records of presence used

    GBIF news

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    GBIF Secretariat consults on data licensing

    The GBIF Secretariat is seeking views on a proposed new approach to the licensing of biodiversity data published through the network.

    New features introduced in GBIF Portal

    More details on each record and new search filters among improvements.

    Providing instant access to data behind species discovery

    A collaboration between GBIF, Encyclopedia of Life and Pensoft Publishers' Biodiversity Data Journal enables the unlocking and preserving of 'small data' underlying taxonomic research.