Task groups to help make data more ‘fit for use’ in key research areas

Experts seek to improve fitness of GBIF-mobilized data in agrobiodiversity and distribution modelling research.

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Young Researchers Award winner to help advance development of biodiversity informatics in South Africa

Fatima Parker-Allie will seek to develop a curriculum, improve data quality for marine fishes, and model regional distribution of commercial fish species.

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Young Researchers Award winner from Colombia to explore historic patterns of Mexican fauna

Gonzalo Pinilla Buitrago will rely on GBIF-mediated records to analyse species distribution patterns.

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Finland launches public test version of new national data portal

Laji.fi provides free access to 35 million occurrences for nearly 50,000 species recorded in Finland

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Major increase in Brazilian plant and fungus data shared through GBIF

The volume of data covering Brazil’s rich variety of flora and fungi has seen a massive boost in recent weeks as datasets from around 100 of the country’s herbaria, totalling some three million occurrence records, have begun flowing through GBIF.org

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