CESAB calls for research projects 2014

The French Center for the Synthesis and Analysis of Biodiversity (CESAB) launches a call for research proposals to support research projects on biodiversity which do not include new primary data collection.
It provides expert groups with the necessary resources and infrastructure to share data sets and/or conduct extensive reflections on new biodiversity-related concepts. The projects are generally funded for a three-year period.

The CESAB supports national or international working groups. However, the leader of the working group must be belong to a French scientific organization and cannot be a member of the CESAB scientific and orientation committee.

  • Deadline for submitting pre-proposals: 16 September 2014.
  • Deadline for submitting full proposals: 4 December 2014.

For any further information on the CESAB initiative or the preparation of proposals, please contact the CESAB staff via cesab@fondationbiodiversite.fr.

JRS Biodiversity Foundation issues policy RFP

The JRS Biodiversity Foundation foundation is seeking to support uptodate reviews of research findings relating to policies that determine the quantity, quality and use of biodiversity data and knowledge.

The Foundation is specifically seeking to fund reviews of the existing formal and informal literature studies of institutions and policies in either (1) Africa or in (2) Latin America and South America that influence the generation, maintenance, and access to biodiversity information. Interested researchers can view and learn more about the RFP and its application from the Foundation's website.

Deadline: 8 September 2014

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Nominations for the Ebbe Nielsen Prize and Young Researchers Awards

The call for nominations for the 2014 Ebbe Nielsen Prize and Young Researchers Awards is now closed.

The winner of the 2014 Ebbe Nielsen Prize is Tony Rees from Australia. The 2014 winners of the GBIF Young Researchers Award are Vijay Barve from India and Caoimhe Marshall from Ireland.
The Ebbe Nielsen Prize has been awarded annually to a person or team who demonstrates excellence in combining biodiversity informatics and biosystematics research. The €30,000 award is intended to allow the recipient(s) to engage in biosystematics/biodiversity informatics research outside his/her/their country of residence for a period of 3-6 months. From 2015 the prize will be adapted into a challenge competition with details to be announced later in 2014.
The Young Researchers Awards intend to foster innovative research and discovery in biodiversity informatics. Two awards of €4,000 are available to graduate students in a master’s or doctoral programme at a university in a GBIF Voting Participant or Associate Participant country. A call for nominations for the 2015 awards will be issued in due course.

See below for a full list of previous winners.

Ebbe Nielsen Prize

The Ebbe Nielsen Prize was established by the GBIF Governing Board to honour the memory of Dr Ebbe Schmidt Nielsen, who was an inspirational leader in the fields of biosystematics and biodiversity informatics.

The prize is awarded annually to a promising researcher, usually in the early stages of his/her career, who is combining biosystematics and biodiversity informatics research in an exciting and novel way.

The nominations are submitted by GBIF Participants to the GBIF Science Committee, which selects the recipient. The prize is awarded each year at the GBIF Governing Board meeting. It consists of 30,000 Euros, to be used by the recipient to further his/her research.

2014 winner: Tony Rees (Australia).

Past winners:

  • 2013 winner: Miguel Bastos Araújo (Portugal). See news item announcing the 2013 award
  • 2012: Nathan Swenson (United States)
  • 2011: Jens-Christian Svenning (Denmark)
  • 2010: Sujeevan Ratnasingham (Canada)
  • 2009: Andy Jarvis (Colombia)
  • 2008: Vice Stuart Smith (United Kingdom)
  • 2007: Paul Flemons (Australia)
  • 2006: John Wieczorek (United States)
  • 2005: Pablo Goloboff (Argentina)
  • 2004: Johan Nilsson (Sweden)
  • 2003: Stefan Schröder (Germany)
  • 2002: Nozomi Ytow (Japan)

Young Researchers Award

The Young Researchers Award (YRA) is an annual award aimed at graduate students from countries participating in the GBIF network.  Students should be enrolled in a masters or doctoral programme.

The main objective of the award is to foster innovative research and discovery in biodiversity informatics.  The award has been put in place to stimulate use of GBIF-mediated data by graduate students developing new research in biodiversity informatics, and also to serve as an outreach mechanism to universities.

2014 winners:

Vijay Barve (India)

Caoimhe Marshall (Ireland)

Past winners:

  • 2013 winners: Emma Gomez-Ruiz (Mexico); Nathan Ranc (France). See news release on the 2013 award.
  • 2012: Salvador Arias (Argentina); Elkin Tenorio Moreno (Colombia).
  • 2011: César Antonio Ríos-Muñoz (Mexico); Conor Ryan (Ireland).
  • 2010: Amy McDougall (United Kingdom); Andrés Lira-Noriega (United States).