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Finding patterns in bee-plant relationships

Brazilian researchers use data published via GBIF to analyse the impact of climate on interactions between bees and the plants they pollinate.

Also tagged: Brazil Latin America

Animal burrows are climate change refuges

A study using museum records accessed via GBIF highlights the importance of 'ecosystem engineers' in providing places of refuge in a warming climate.

Also tagged: United States Australia Oceania North America

Predicting climate responses of parasites and hosts

A study from Canada uses GBIF-mediated data to predict climate-related shifts in the distribution of a parasitic worm affecting North American mammal species.

Also tagged: Canada North America

The 'dirty dozen' aquatic invaders of the British Isles

Researchers use socio-economic factors as well as occurrence data to model the risk of invasions from twelve alien aquatic species in Great Britain and Ireland.

Also tagged: United Kingdom Ireland Europe

GBIF enables global study of climate impact on species

Research published in Nature Climate Change uses records on nearly 50,000 species accessed through GBIF to forecast major reductions in the climate ranges of common plants and animals around the world.

Also tagged: United Kingdom Australia Colombia Oceania Europe Latin America