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Using models to inform conservation policies

Two studies, based on data from GBIF and other sources, define the distribution of the bearded wood partridge, and help inform conservation policy.

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Designing marine protected areas off Mexico

Researchers look at methods to determine the ideal spacing between protected areas in the Gulf of California, ensuring connectivity based on the distances covered by larvae of fish species identified through GBIF.

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Shifting niches and invasive species control

Researchers use data available through GBIF to investigate how species can shift their ecological niches in alien environments – complicating the prediction of invasion risks.

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How important are rare species for ecosystems?

Research using records available through GBIF, in combination with other data, studies the role of rare and common species in the functioning of ecosystems.

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Brazilian forest reserves in a changing climate

Study uses GBIF-mediated data to look into the effectiveness of current forest reserves in conserving 16 forest plant species under changing climate conditions.

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