Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT)

A GBIF tool to enable the publishing of biodiversity datasets

  • v2.0.5

    (Latest version)

Latest release – version 2.0.5, 17 May 2013

Version history

This is the most autonomous version of the IPT to date, including a new feature called automatic publishing that allows you to configure a resource to publish on an interval. This way, you only ever have to press the publish button once! Also every published version is now resolvable, allowing you to track a resource's history over time. And lastly thanks to the efforts of Etienne Cartolano, Allan Koch Veiga, and Antonio Mauro Saraiva from the Universidade de São Paulo, Research Center on Biodiversity and Computing the IPT is now available in Portuguese, the IPT's 5th translation of the user interface.


Release Announcement

Release notes (upgrade instructions)


Roadmap - what's next?

The next version of the IPT will be released in March 2014. It will be called 2.1, and it will represent a major upgrade because it will be based on the brand-new GBIF Registry web services, developed as part of the new GBIF Data Portal. This will allow the IPT to overcome limitations of the old web services, such as only being able to register a single contact per dataset. This version will also address an issue found in 2.0.5, where the IPT’s temporary directory fills up causing a disk out of space exception.

As of August 8th, 2013 there were 11 issues scheduled to be included in this release.

2.0.5 - May, 2013

2.0.4 - October, 2012

2.0.3 - November, 2011