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Crop Research Institute (CRI) Genebank


Crop Research Institute (CRI) formerly Research Institute of Crop Production (RICP)

Crop Research Institute (CRI) - formerly Research Institute of Crop Production (RICP) - was established in 1951. During more than 50 years of its existence, CRI has been the leading research institution in the field of crop production on the territory of the Czech Republic. After most specialised research institutes have been privatised in 1993, CRI is the only state independent institution pursuing research as well as expertise activities focused on problems associated with the growing of crop plants.

CRI is a subsidised organisation. The basic purpose of it is the development of scientific knowledge in the field of crop production, and related scientific disciplines with the aim to ensure the development of sustainable agriculture.

Although the seat of CRI is in Prague, constituent parts of the Institute are also 11 experimental or research stations and detached laboratories in different location on the territory of Czechia and 14 extension points.

CRI staff is 344 employees nowadays, in this number some 150 qualified research workers (PhD or MSc degree).

The seed Gene Bank aimed at preservation and utilisation of agricultural crops started its activity in December 1988. The gene bank plays co-ordinating role within the National Programme on Conservation and Utilisation of Plant Genetic Resources and Agro-biodiversity (created by the network of 12 crop specialised institutions localised in 15 workplaces). Management of the central database of available Plant Genetic Resources in the Czech Republic and monitoring of the GB store are other important activities supported by the Ministry of Agriculture through the National Programme.