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Presentation: Publishing Primary Biodiversity Data

This is a short presentation on the process of publishing primary biodiversity data online, with a focus on how to publish using the GBIF network. Contents:

  • What is biodiversity data?
  • Rationale for biodiversity data publishing
  • Data publishing procedure
  • Data exchange standards
  • The technical infrastructure
  • Data publishing software
  • GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit

August 13th, 2015


New Darwin Core spreadsheet templates simplify data preparation and publishing

A new set of pre-configured Microsoft Excel templates for uploading data to an Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) installation are now available. The files can help guide data holders while capturing and formatting simple species checklists, occurrence data and sampling event data.


Unlocking Biodiversity Data from Environmental Impact Assessments: Workshop Report

This report details the proceedings of a September 2015 regional workshop in Muscat, Oman, that brought together government regulators and environmental consultants to discuss the benefits of sharing species data collected through environmental impact assessments (EIAs), and to encourage the use of tools that enable sharing and reuse of digitized data that EIAs capture about the distribution of plants, animals and other species. 

November 2nd, 2015