Current task groups

Task group on accelerating the discovery of bio-collections data


Task group on data fitness for use in agrobiodiversity


Task group on data fitness for use in distribution modeling 


Past task groups and reports

Task Group on Financial Sustainability 
Report and recommendations (2013): GBIF towards financial sustainability

Content Needs Assessment Task Group
Report and recommendations (2013): Bridging the biodiversity data gaps

Data Publishing Framework Task Group
Report and recommendations (2011): Towards mainstreaming of biodiversity data publishing

Knowledge Organisation Systems Task Group
Recommendations (2011) 

Task Group on the Global Strategy and Action Plan for mobilization of Natural History Collection Data
Recommendations (2010) 

Task Group on Electronic Learning
Report (2010) 

Life Science Identifier - Globally Unique Identifier (LSID-GUID) Task Group
Report and recommendations (2009): Adoption of Persistent Identifiers for Biodiversity Informatics 

Metadata Implementation Framework Task Group
Report (2009)

Multimedia Resources Task Group
Report (2013): Discovery and Publishing of Primary Biodiversity Data associated with Multimedia Resources: The Audubon Core strategies and approaches.
Recommendations (2008) 
Report (2008): Mobilising Multimedia Resources in Biodiversity

Observational Data Task Group
Recommendations (2008)