Introduction to workflows for taxonomic refinement, biogeographic analysis, and species distribution modelling by BioVeL

The training workshop will teach the attendees in using the informatic tools and services developed by the BioVeL project to address research topics such as historical analyses, invasive species distribution modelling, endangered species distribution modelling, and dynamic modelling of ecologically related species. In particular, there will be introductions to the BioVeL e-infrastructure, Taxonomic data cleaning, Taxonomic name resolution and synonym expansion, Ecological niche modelling, model testing, statistical analysis of GIS data, invasive and endangered species distribution modelling, historical comparison biodiversity from museum collections.


10-15 people. This workshop is designed for scientists with a solid background in any of the relevant areas in biodiversity research, e.g. taxonomy, ecology, environmental sciences, genetics, population genetics, species distribution and population modelling, bioinformatics, phylogenetics, etc. It is desirable that the attendees are working or planning to work with taxonomic revisions, biodiversity inventories, ecological assessments, descriptive studies, conservation projects, or analyses for the management of natural protected areas.

Contact information 

Deadline for applications is 18 October 2013. Please contact BioVeL (support AT biovel.eu) if you want more information on this event.